This day, 35 years ago, the cult director Lucio Fulci ended the shooting of his masterpiece: “…E tu vivrai nel terrore! L’Aldilà” also known as “The Beyond”. On this symbolic day we present you: ARCANA 13.

ARCANA 13 hails from Italy, the birthplace of cult horror movie masters and conveys a lethal mixture between the visual terror of Italian Horror legacy with the heavy and magical atmospheres of 70s Heavy Occult Rock music.

Eight legendary movies were meticulously chosen for their specific atmospheres and, around each of them, eight songs took shape. ARCANA 13 adopted a unique composition process where music and movie edits were conceived together along with the visuals postproduction, with the intention of creating an exclusive horror live show that will be brought on stage in the upcoming shows.

This culminated in the debut album DANZA MACABRA that will see light in the darkness on Aural Music in March 2016.

Many interesting details of DANZA MACABRA will be disclosed in the upcoming months, but we’re thrilled to anticipate that the cover art was put to canvas by an Italian horror icon: the legendary artist ENZO SCIOTTI. Enzo already worked with Lucio Fulci himself, Dario Argento, Sam Raimi, Lamberto Bava and many others and he’s worked his magic once again in the name of Italian horror.

enjoy this video teaser of DANZA MACABRA based on The Beyond.

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