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The Thirteenth Sun sign with Aural Music

Aural Music will release the debut album from Transilvanian Progressive Stellar Metal Argonauts “The Thirteenth Sun”. here’s a statement from the band: “The Thirteenth Sun forthcoming album Stardust is a journey through one’s self, a journey through all possible surroundings and frames, trying to ask questions without any expectations for a definite answer. Set out […]
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DYNFARI renew the contract with code666 and unveil new album details

Icelandic Atmospheric Black Metallers DYNFARI signed a new contract with code666 for the release of their fourth Album titled “The Four Doors of the Mind”. commented mainman Jóhann Örn: “The Four Doors of the Mind is a 48 minute composition about pain. Alternating between post-rock vibes and black metal atmospheres, the album explores fantasy writer […]
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SYN ZE SASE TRI re-sign with code666

Transilvanian Pagan Metal Warriors Syn Ze Sase Tri are back with a new line-up, live shows and new album! after a short hiatus the band is proud to present the new line-up, including founder and mainman Corb (guitars and vocals), vocalist Șuier, Guitarist Moș and drummer Dor. The band just completed the recording of fourth album […]
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WASTES sign with code666

code666 is proud to announce the signing of Extreme Doom Maniacs WASTES. Born after a drunken night in southern France, WASTES is a project led by Laurent (Mourning Dawn, Inborn Suffering, Funeralium) playing extreme doom metal in its heaviest way. Inspired by filth, scum and everything dirty-related, the project aims to bring the darkest and […]
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