BOTANIST sign with Aural Music

BOTANIST sign with Aural Music

we are proud to announce the signing of Experimental Black Metal project BOTANIST for a multi-album deal.

the Band commented:

“Botanist feels it has found a good fit with Aural Music. The label has been a supporter of the band since the beginning — Otrebor’s personal support of Aural/Code666 goes back to his days as a journalist. We’ve been looking for a stronger presence in Europe, and this particular collaboration feels mutually beneficial.

Aural and Botanist have been talking about a couple new full-length records and a couple of re-issues, the first of which is the ‘EP2: Hammer of Botany’ recording, released in 2015 on a small run of CDs only on Otrebor’s personal label, Favonian. Well, you might not be able to call the album an ‘EP’ anymore as a new song has been added to it, the 13-minute ‘Oplopanax Horridus,’ which pushes the recording into full-length territory.

‘Oplopanax Horridus’ is a Botanist solo recording — Otrebor created and recorded it between 2016 and 2018. It’s a refinement of Botanist’s composiitional abilities and the best music the project has written to date.”